1. Welcome To The World of Wholistic Development 2. Waiting Area 3.Personal Touch 4.Class Room 4 5. Occupational Theraoy Room 6. Multipurpose Area 7. Computer Lab 8. Library 9. Mini Theatre 10.Activity Area
Centre Activities
11. Smile Is Contagious 12. Share & Care 13. Together - We Can 14. SUPPORT GROUP (ASD) 15. Socializing 16. Balancing Act 17. Self-Reliance 18. Oath Of Making The Difference 19.Together WE Can 20.Guiding A Star!!! 21.Main Hoon Na!!! (1) 22.Art Based Therapy 23.Balancing 24.Calming The Child 25.DSC00703 26.Gross Motor Coordination 27.Language & Communication Skills 28.Proximal Strengthening 29.Sensory Integration 30.Speech Therapy 31.Stabilisation 32.Vestibular Stimulation 33.Weight Bearing